Lendell L. Nolan, Ph.D., BCPCLC   

Dr. Lendell Nolan seeks to fulfill his life purpose of unleashing the power of focus in others through several primary roles. First and foremost, Lendell is a personal follower of Jesus Christ. He is a partner to his wife, Patty, and a parent to his three girls, Elaina, Charissa, and Moriah. He serves as a Professor with Rockbridge Seminary, a totally online seminary, and a Pastor of Ministry with Grace Community Church in Roswell, NM.  Finally, he is a Board-Certified Professional Christian Life Coach with the International Christian Coaching Association and Senior Vice President of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®. Each day he seeks to live from his seven core values:

L - Love God with All My Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength

E - Everyday Balance & Integrity through Accountability

N - Nolan Family, the Most Important Part of My Resume

D - Disciple-Making of All Nations

E - Eternal Life Coaching

L - Living the Abundant Life

L – Lifetime of Learning & Leading

Lendell's life vision is to see first, second, or third generation followers of Christ in every nation of the world unleashing the power of a focused life as a result of strategic coaching through a purpose-driven® life, family, seminary, church, and life purpose coaching center.

In addition to his professional roles, Lendell enjoys cycling, scuba diving, golf, and the latest technological gadgets.


  Patricia S. Nolan

Patty Nolan seeks to encourage others to live a life surrendered to God's unique plan.  As a Life Purpose Coach® and Life Purpose Facilitator with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®, Patty desires to come alongside women as they discover value, hope, purpose, and direction in their life journey. Patty is a mother to three cheerleaders, a teacher of English and Theater, and an active member at Grace Community Church.